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Peking Duck (4pcs) - $30.00
Sliced duck fillets wrapped in pancake served w/ spring onion, cucumber & plum sauce
Lobster Sung Choy Bao - $18.90
Fresh lettuce cup filled w/ diced lobster, water chestnut & vegetable
Crispy Battered King George Whiting - $19.00
Deep fried whiting fillet served w/ spicy salt
Spinach Turnover - $15.00
Thin crispy pastry filled w/ fine chopped spinach and mushroom served w/ spinach sauce
Long Island Springroll (2pcs) - $12.00
Prawn & chicken mince w/ tom yum herb served w/ chilli sauce
Baked Crab Shell - $18.90
Fresh crab meat w/ onion baked w/ cheese & turmeric sauce
Soft Shell Crab - $19.80
Lightly fried soft shell crab w/ spicy salt & a hint of chilli
Korean Prawn - $17.80
Deep fried king prawn stuffed w/ minced scallop & prawn served w/ sweet chilli sauce
Steam Pomegranate Dumpling - $18.00
Minced chicken w/ mushroom & vegetables in egg white pastry

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