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Barbecued Pork Tenderloin - $13.00
Wok tossed w/ plum sauce
Spring Rolls (2pcs) - $9.80
Chicken mince spring rolls served w/ plum sauce
Fried Won Ton - $9.00
Shrimp & Meat patties served w/ sweet & sour sauce
Sesame Prawns Toast (2pcs) - $14.00
Minced prawns on sesame seeds toast w/ sweet & sour sauce
Prawn Cutlet - $8.90
Served w/ sweet & sour sauce
Deep Fried Calamari - $18.80
Tender calamari encased in light batter w/ spicy salt & hit of chilli
Yum Cha Dim Sum - $12.00
Three varieties from a steaming hot bamboo basket
Pan Fried Shanghai Dumpling (3pcs) - $9.90
Slowly pan-fried chicken & vegetable dumplings served w/ red vinaigrette
Steam Shanghai Dumpling (4pcs) - $12.00
Steamed pork & vegetable dumplings
Steam Prawn Dumpling (3pcs) - $12.00
Famous prawn dumplings in yum cha
Sung Choy Bao
Fresh lettuce cup filled w/ water chestnut & vegetable w/ choice of:
Chicken: $9.80
Duck: $9.80
Seafood: $15.80

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