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Bok Choy Seafood Bird's Nest - $42.00
Selected king prawns, scallops & fish fillets wok tossed w/ vegetables, served in a potato basket
Lobster Tail - Seasonal Price
Lobster tail cooked w/ your choice of: Ginger & Shallots or Garlic & Butter or X.O. Chilli Sauce
Mother's Special Steam Fish - $34.00
Fresh dory fish fillet coated w/ dried spicy soya beans, steamed w/ garlic, ginger & spring onion
Famous 3 Cup Chicken - $31.00
Maryland chicken fillet, wok tossed w/ Chinese wine, garlic & herbs, served in clay pot
Chicken w/ Kung Bao Chilli Sauce - $31.00
Chicken fillet wok tossed w/ dry chilli, ginger and onion w/ cashew nut
Chiu Chow Chicken - $31.00
Diced chicken stirs fried w/ spicy herb & pepper
East Village Duck - $33.90
Double boiled duck, in light batter on a bed of sweet vinaigrette
King Prawns in Batter w/ Wasabi Sauce - $42.00
Lightly deep-fried prawns served w/ mayonnaise wasabi sauce w/ touches of sweet chilli
Szechuan Eggplant - $29.00
Eggplant & chicken mince wok tossed w/ Szechuan’s sauce
Grandma Bean Curd - $28.00
Minced chicken stirs fried w/ bean curd cube & fresh chilli
Lamb Rack on Flame (4pcs) - $42.00
Lightly pan-fried lamb cutlet, then flame it w/ Cointreau liqueur
Wagyu Beef - $78.00
Wagyu beef lightly wok fried to medium rare served w/ Bok Choy soya sauce and mustard sauce

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